Hi, I'm Serena Gruia, the founder of Creative Might, a design studio that uses the power of creativity to make meaningful projects. My experience in visual design includes graphic identity projects, exhibition design, interiors, and event decor. I have very talented strategic partners that bring their creative might to projects as needed. (more on those superheros to come)


My community-based and client-driven work has taught me that everyone has creative might, and, just like with physical strength, we need encouragement, equipment, and training to get the most out of it.

"Serena Gruia facilitated a very successful design charrette for us, and while there was a bit of trepidation and uncertainty on the part of our participants prior to the event, Serena quickly had us diving in to fully experience the day. She used various tools to pull everyone in, and created notable shifts in thinking and possibility – pushing us outside “what we know” while making sure we were having fun at the same time. The element of fun actually was a strong driver in opening their minds and setting them at ease." -Heidi Graham, Klöckner Pentaplast

"Collaborating with Serena is engaging, thought-provoking, challenging, and fun. Her neutral listening skills invite a wide range of opinion in a creative consensus-based process. She uses her depth of experience to balance strengths and encourage dialogue, promoting innovation. I'm always excited to work with her on any project." -Will May, LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

"Serena Gruia is one of those rare humans that leaves a shimmering wake of sparkle behind her at every turn. She brings her boundless creative energy to every task be it graphic design, community outreach, or fundraiser. Serena always finds the magic within the mundane, and she's a total blast to work with!" -Kate Tabony, Alloy Workshop

"Serena is a skilled facilitator who brings together design thinking with a thoughtful and inclusive approach. In her role as facilitator and leader of the Design Marathon, Serena created a cohesive team with participants from various backgrounds and levels of experience over the course of just one-day. She created a collaborative space to learn our needs as a “client”, and to support the design team’s organic process to develop and refine a wonderful final product. A commitment to inclusive listening and innovation clearly guides her work." -Rebeccca Kendall, Charlottesville Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition

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